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FS 24
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Veranstaltungen Frühlingssemster 24

Dr. Veerle Sterken
Do 22. Februar 2024
Cosmic dust as messengers from outer space
The Sun and planets are embedded in the zodiacal dust cloud, originating from comets and asteroids. All of this happens inside the heliosphere, that shields the solar system from Galactic Cosmic Rays.. [weiter]
PD Dr. Andreas Borgschulte
Do 14. März 2024
The hydrogen anion: from astrophysics to solid hydrogen storage
The current state of energy transition is concerned with replacing fossil fuel energy conversion with renewable energy mainly based on electricity resulting in potential energy shortage.. [weiter]
Dr. Tobias Donner
Do 18. April 2024
Quantum Crystals of Matter and Light
Exposing a many-body system to external drives and losses can fundamentally transform the nature of its phases, and opens perspectives for engineering new properties of matter. How such.. [weiter]
Dr. Theo Jenk
Do 16. Mai 2024
Gefrorene Chemie: Gletscher als Archive vergangener Umweltbedingungen
Gletscher sind wertvolle Archive der Luftverschmutzung und des Klimas der Vergangenheit. Direkte Messungen der atmosphärischen Zusammensetzung für die Zeit vor den 1970er Jahren gibt.. [weiter]

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