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Prof. Dr. Paolo Crivelli

Searches for dark sectors at the low energy/high intensity frontier

Donnerstag 9. Dezember 2021, um 19:30 Uhr
ETH Hauptgebäude Hörsaal HG G5, Rämistrasse 101 und Live Stream über Zoom. Die ETH verlangt seit 6. September 2021 ein Covid-Zertifikat für externe Veranstaltungen. Bitte bringen Sie Ihr Zertifikat und eine Maske an den PGZ-Vortrag mit oder nehmen Sie per Zoom daran teil.

Das g-2 Experiment zur Untersuchung des anomalen magnetischen Moment des Myons (fnal.gov)

Despite its great success, the Standard Model (SM) does not provide a complete description of nature. For example, it cannot explain the origin of dark matter (DM) and the baryon asymmetry problem.

Furthermore, interesting discrepancies between some SM predictions and measurements have been observed. These include the long-standing discrepancy of the muon anomalous magnetic moment which was recently confirmed at Fermilab. These problems can be addressed by an interesting class of theoretical models introducing the concept of an extended Dark Sector (DS), in which DM is not only composed of a single particle, but in which a complete set of dark particles with their own phenomenology is conjectured.

In this talk I will present the experiments we are conducting at ETH, PSI and CERN to search for dark sectors at the low energy/high intensity frontier.

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