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- Schmid
- Novák
- Chu
- Gibert
Prof. Dr. Yiwen Chu
ETH Zürich, Hybrid Quantum Systems Group

Creating non-classical states of sound

Donnerstag 19. November 2020, um 19:30 Uhr
Streaming über Zoom. Der Link wird mit der Einladung und über die Mailingliste verschickt.

A schematic drawing of a superconducting qubit coupled to phonons inside a sapphire crystal. Inset shows the energy spectrum of phonons measured using the qubit (Source scitechdaily.com)

A central goal of the emerging field of quantum acoustics is creating complex quantum states of macroscopic mechanical objects. In particular, coupling motion to nonlinear quantum systems, such as qubits, opens up the possibility of creating, storing, and manipulating non-Gaussian mechanical states.

I will describe our work on using piezoelectricity to couple high frequency bulk acoustic wave resonators to superconducting qubits. We use this device to demonstrate quantum operations on the coupled system, including the creation and measurement of quantum mechanical states such as phonon Fock states.

I will also discuss prospects for transferring such states to the optical domain and other potential applications in quantum information.

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