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Prof. Dr. Jonathan Home

Trapped-ion quantum computing

Donnerstag 25. Oktober 2018, um 19:30 Uhr
ETH Hauptgebäude Hörsaal HG G5, Rämistrasse 101

Light generation for the ion trap. The light is generated by sum-frequency-generation of 626 nm light using 1550 nm and 1050 nm fibre lasers, followed by frequency doubling in a resonant cavity (Bild: ETHZ).

Quantum computers require well isolated quantum systems which can be manipulated at an extremely high degree of precision. I will describe how these conditions are met in the context of arrays of individual charged atoms.

These are trapped in ultra-high vacuum, but interact with each other through strong electric forces. They can be controlled using laser light, which couples to the electrons inside the atom, but through the momentum of light, also to the motion of the atoms. This has allowed the highest precision quantum gates in any physical system, and been used for the largest and most reliable quantum processors built to-date.

I will review quantum computing experiments in this area, and outline the contributions which we are making in the trapped ion group at ETH Zurich. In particular, I will outline methods for overcoming the challenges in scaling these systems up to larger numbers of ions.

Web: www.tiqi.ethz.ch/

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