About this site

This site is based on the following open source products (bottom up):
Operating System
Happens to currently be SuSE Linux. Any *x or *bsd would do. Any *dows should be avoided.

HTTP Server
Apache 1.3

"Perl" spelled as in mod_perl.

The usual bundle of modules from CPAN that do all that complicated but really boring stuff.

Mason ist based on mod_perl and allows easy creation of consistent looking web sites. Easy? Well, if you want to try it yourself, first have a look. On the other hand I did not encounter any limitations due to mason.

Swishe is able to index many types of files and also databases via external helpers. Swish-e comes with an easy to use perl-interface.

Access Statistics

SQLite is a small and fine file based relational database. Here we use the perl module DBD::SQLite available at CPAN.

Mailman is Gnu's mailing list software. Mailman is certainly overkill for a single, small mailinglist and it could be confusing to users. But then again: I avoid to re-invent the wheel, at least not right now.
Although the page generation is dynamic via Mason/mod_perl, the pages themselves are static and do not contain any scripting. The full source of this site is freely available, just drop me an e-mail.

The pages try hard to be compliant to the W3C Standards. Feel free to check this out by clicking on the following icons. Please report any problems you encounter.

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The initial version of this site was developed by Patrik Eschle. It is currently maintained by him and hosted at his private tiny ISP in Uster.